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About Us


Rasolli Today

  • One of the largest and the best organized shoes importers in the USA.
  • The ever-growing success of Rasolli is based on providing product quality and delivery on time at the lowest cost possible.
  • 100,000 SFT of own warehouses with a capacity of 15,000 pallets.
  • More than 1,000 high-profile customers worldwide.




  • Over 25 years of experience and know-how in Asia, our buying power and own quality assurance organization guarantee product quality and delivery on time.
  • Our quality assurance organization takes care of material selection, production follow-up and quality control.
  • All the orders are manufactured in factories, which are approved and continuously audited following the Rasolli quality standards.




  • To offer quality at the lowest cost is the main target of the Rasolli corporation.
  • We believe in giving our people a wide array of training and responsibility. This horizontal structure is the basis of our management.




Our professional sales team is always happy to:

  • offer our extensive fashion collection of ladies, children, sport, house and men's shoes, which can be ordered in small and large quantities.
  • have the know-how and understand the demands of your business.
  • Distributing the following brands:
    • Rasolli
    • RSL
    • Lady Godiva
    • Coco Jumbo
    • Franco Vanucci
    • Adolfo
    • Franco Vanucci Boys
    • Adolfo Boys




Rasolli has developed and manages: a state of the art computer network, integrated product development, purchases, sales, administration, logistics and communications.




  • R&J Inc. is the logistics service partner of Rasolli.